how do i get backstage passes to a justin bieber

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how do i  get backstage passes to a justin bieber

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  1. Guest265
    dear justin bieber my name is sahara and i am only 10 years old.i live in miami.and i think you are the coolest singer i have ever known.oh yeah happy 16th birthday.i have never gone to one of your conserts.but you give me a back stage pass and the consert would be in canada i would m,atter please can you send me a back stage pass.:)

  2. Guest7696
    just send him a message.something else you can do would be them at the internet.
  3. Guest5550
    Search the web 4 contests, or just by them.
  4. Guest3142

    Go to the website and they will show you exactly how to meet Justin Beiber For Free.

    I recently took my niece to meet justin beiber and she was able to talk to him for five minutes.  I know it's not a long time but she said it was worth it.

    I hope this helps you.
  5. Guest595
    follow this link it really works!!
    on this website you can win back stage passes,vip ticketes to concert and sound check even free flights to the country hes peforming in!!
  6. Guest9836

    Follow this link and sign up for Koini Club it's free and there is a really big competition to meet justin bieber in Europe next year and you dont have to pay for anything!

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