how do i get the Mw2 title on mw2, its the m2 logo and is on first page of callsign titles

by Guest9411  |  10 years, 11 month(s) ago

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how do i get the Mw2 title on mw2, its the m2 logo and is on first page of callsign titles

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  1. Guest9354
    10th prestige lvl 70 i believe

  2. Guest3548
    lvl 70 1st prestige i think
  3. Guest2874
    guest 13439603 could be correct because my friend on PSN has it and he just got to 2nd prestige
  4. Guest7280
    However ive seen a first prestige level 20 with it
  5. Guest5518
    I seen it with a lvl 45 guy on the psn
  6. Guest3376
    1st prestige lvl 69 i have it for the playstation 3.
  7. Guest2166
    you have to jump up and down 5 times
  8. Guest1848
    YOu get 50 nukes.
  9. Guest7961
    what a load of p**i c**p u all are
  10. Guest7910
    U guys are all idiots my friend has it in first prestige but its a challenge idiots
  11. Guest3257
    u have to get 10,000 kills
  12. Guest1476
    level 69 first prestige I have it
  13. Guest7053
    first, get ur balls out and give em a good yank
  14. Guest781
    by unlocking them
  15. Guest690
    i think you have to do all the challenges on bootcamp
  16. Guest5367
    You complete the challenges called
    Im too f*****g stupid to realize that I had to play the game on the first day it came out  get the emblem
  17. Guest9655
    f****n f**k you i have it and i am not even pretiged n****r???????
  18. Guest7697
    sounds to me your all f*****g retards
  19. Guest5984
    you'll get it when you're second prestige when you reach lvl 2
    so you know: prestige = reach lvl 70 and choose to prestige
  20. Guest6532
    well u know u have to kill ur self 20 times a with c4 and 2 times with an rpg in a single game
  21. Guest4064
    u have to do this glitch to make cumm come out of ur lower left u know
  22. Guest6995
    Get to 1st prestige lvl 69
  23. Guest1868
    First you take your d**k in your hand, then you stroke it up and down until the cream comes out, then after that you take that j**z and spread it all over your game disk like peanut butter, after that put the game in your console with the j**z all over it and begin to play and you will have the title its really easy...if you have any questions email me
  24. Guest3709
    When u unlock All perk emblems it gives it to u.,,,, hope this has helped
  25. Guest3870
    u ppl sound like dicks u dont get it at level 69 1st prestige u get it once u complete all bootcamp callenges
  26. Guest728
    you get it when you get to lvl 69 ....
  27. Guest3249
    i like p***s and i m only 7 yrs old
  28. Guest6153
    hahahahahhaaaa peanut butter j**z hahahaha omfg hehehe
  29. Guest2366
    elite haxxzor of the internets, is not allowed, lawl, l2p
  30. Guest6945
    1st Prestige lvl 69. 100% positive. check
  31. Guest6845
    u get it on 1st prestige level 69. i have it, i just got it because i just got 2nd prestige
  32. Guest7683
    I can read books lolz
  33. Guest3146
    XBOX 360 RULES ALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  34. Guest3428
    suk ur mom all of ya's
  35. Guest6168
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  36. Guest2383
    1st prestige lvl 69 i just got it before i prestiged again
  37. Guest8842
    you reach level 69 in the first prestige to get it
  38. Guest6934

     i already prestiged but i still dont have it


  39. Guest8903

    i like pie!

  40. Guest263

    you get it when you reach lvl 69 1st prestige. hope i helped out :)

  41. Guest7352

    ur all dumbasses im 2nd prestige levle 32 and i dont have it but i got the nuke symbol


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