how do i join occult in africa

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how do i join occult in africa

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  1. Guest4893

    Energetic Occult Institute!!!

    We instruct our self as an Occult Society that derives power from ENERGY. We are an Energetic Occult Institute we deal at the mind in 'CONNECTION' with the 'ENERGY' power…….  The Energetic Occult Institute deals with 'ENERGY', and energy is the empowerment of this present world it’s the strongest FORCE that controls this present world, when within one's reach, can be used in a life-negative manner too in which we operate…….

    Basically, we are looking at the mind, the attitude....... When sword was in wrong hands, the GOOD or EVIL is in few numbers 'REALITY'. But when nuclear energy is in wrong hands? So also, handling of energy is a very old method. The problem is, this energy is beyond feeler level of perception it connect you the Energetic Occult Institute level of spirituality of reality life and destiny dream or desire we have lot of President, Direct of high Government official Scientist, Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, e.g…. from all parts of the 'WORLD' our member are the most 'RICHEST' in this present 'WORLD', there are not ordinary people like you viewers because the control 'ENERGY' of the present 'WORLD' that you and I live therein , We control this present 'WORLD', Our member can not just be you bbecause they are control by theEnergetic Occult Institute …….

    We believe in the power of the 'ENERGY' that controls the 'WORLD', below and above…….

    Do you want to achieve your every dream in this present 'WORLD'? Then belong to Energetic Occult Institute…….

    In fact the internal organs "run with one form of this energy" like a battery charged with energy can be used to run a camera, a mobile, and a torch light. Right now, we ARE the bulb of torch light, when we identify ourselves too much with this body, and we are trying to look at the 'make' of the battery. Also, we are trying to 'believe' in the flashes from that mobile camera which 'captures' images...

    The Energetic Occult Institute is the latest in the occur/tic 'WORLD', that has a covenant of love and secret……..This both factors has empowered the Energetic Occult Institute and it member........

    If you don’t wish to belong to the Energetic Occult Institute don’t contact us with low interest of benign part of the empowerment of Energetic Occult Institute, its only for your best interest don’t play with the Energetic Occult Institute because we operate beyond the spiritual level we are model Energetic Occult Institute that have the power to control the 'WORLD' and all that you may 'IMAGINE', we are yet to be  known because our members put them self LOW by person we are not arrogant, our member find it difficult to even tell their best friend where there are from Occultic wise, once you are a member of the Energetic Occult Institute you operate in the power of love and secret that because what really empowers the Energetic Occult Institute is the secret and lover of the 'WORLD' which is ENERGY, where this 'ENERGY'? It comes from where no one knows? , but people in their foolish knowledge claim they know what is come the lies………….. 'ENERGY' is imperceptible……... We really can not speak in many 'WORDS'……………    

    For you to become a member of the Energetic Occult Institute, you must have a dream of greatness in the 2011 prolongment and must be a believer of Energetic Occult Institute ……..Contact our the Energetic Occult Institute Admin Department for more on how to be part of the movement of Energetic Occult Institute….



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