how do i keep the commercials i hear on my pc from playing

by Guest2318  |  13 years ago

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even when my internet is not up or my task manager shows nothing running i still hear these commercials

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  1. Guest9612
    They probably are not "commercials" often times websites have a media player running down near the middle-bottom of the page with a advertisement. Try scrolling down to look for one.

  2. Guest4508
    its malware
  3. Guest3437
    I have the same problem. It's a virus/adware.  You will see errors such as "google installer" or "internet explorer". None of the anti-virus software will detect it. Don't bother with the system restore either, because it is ineffective.  The only way to bypass it all is to reformat your system. Before you do that, be sure to backup all your important files. I spent hours to see if I could find the problem, nope, to no avail.  Reformatting is the only option.
  4. Guest1238
    i shut the internet off at the modem and i still get the comercials is there a way to fix with out reformating
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