how do i kiss an 11 year old boy

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how do i kiss an 11 year old boy

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  1. Guest3498
    hug him tell him i love you if he pushes you just stay away in a sad stance
    if he kepps u there then kiss him :P

  2. Guest2664
    am eleven year old girl and i like this guy sence grade 5 and now iam in grade 7 and a guy in my class told me that he likes me and he thinks i look good and i want to go on a date but he dosnt know that i like him or anything what should i do oh and my parents dont let me date so what should i do??? please help i beg u. oh and i want to kiss him in the cheek :) a fast cheek kiss. when should i kiss him?????
  3. Guest8100
    weell first get to no ethoger like i did then when u are huging and staring at ther eyes just kiss easy peasy i am a 11 years old going in to year 7 we have being going out with a ghogfer for 4 years had we only arged 2twiece
  4. Guest7818
    Well, i have just turned 11 and there is this guy that i want to kiss and he doesn't know but he still loves me, we have been going out since year5 and we allways hug goood-bye but i just simply wanted to kiss him.
    What should i say to get him to kiss mee ??

    =[ I am also stressed out with school, please answer fast!

    x Thank you [=
  5. Guest6969

    i have this 11 year old boy and my 11 &he want to kiss me what should i do ?

  6. Guest3882

    its been a year since i posted this. im 12 now but still have my eye on that one guy.

  7. Guest4519

     ya im  9 and i already kissed my boyfriend and my mom took us to the movies and left us there and we kissed and that was our date

  8. Guest1665

    what the h**l is with these people honestly i've read some of these questions but some answer the question with flash him play that game or bj we are  talking about an 11 year old not a hooker geez anyway i'd make him blush in a good way  or say something sweet hug him and i would kiss him on the cheek i mean sense im 11 too and i want to date too think hugging holding and kissing on the cheek is as far i'm willing to go sorry about that rant but that just bugs the c**p out of me what people say for answers for these types of questions

  9. Guest2551

     .. lol you people should learn english.

  10. Guest5676

     im 11 and ive kissed my boyfriend on the lips!! you should totallly do it its scary at first but i would recomend it!! x

  11. Guest9445

    if u wont to kiss him kiss him start with a hug than go on with the kiss.


  12. Guest7114

    i like this boy his name is connor hes really cute but he has a girlfriend but his gf is leaving nexted year so im not sure wat to do ask him out or let somone els. :o



  13. Guest4952

    Im 11 and I like this guy Justin Since 2nd Grade and now Im going to 6th , But in 3th grade his Best friend was sitting right in front of me during luch aand My bes friends were getting me stressed sayoing "WHO DO U LIKE!'" Then I whispered  in theor ear "Justin" Then they screamed out "JUSTIN!?" I said SHHH His best friend heard and told him I got nevous  Then Justin told me " I like you , Since 1st grade, Do you like me?" I was very nervous  And shy so I said "No, sorry" he left said ever since I said no he started to act VERy weird I still lke HIm ALOTTTT and I dont know what to do Please help me My ffriends and hs are still teling me He likes me but he doesnt want to tel me or want me to know because I regected him B4 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Help me

    By the way im White

  14. Guest3098

    this guy in my class said he LOVES me,i froze and did not know what to say.We went out in 3rd grade and now he is in my class again!ps he is 11 in a half im 12.(grade 6)He always stares at me and he asked me out more of a romantic tipe person i want to hug kiss hold hands and stuff like that but,he wont even give me his phone number what should i do PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Help me                                                                    thanks!

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