how do i know if he cares

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how do i know if he cares

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  1. Guest5473
    How can you tell if he care is a question that can have a complicated answer or a simply one. simply answer is to look for nonverbal languague rather than what is coming out of his mouth. We all have have very different ways of communicating. Women express themselves verbally and men actually prefer to show how we feel through our actions. But if you still feel confused about your relationship here are some questions to ask:

    Do his friends know you two are dating
    How does he introduce you to others
    Does he call you for no reason whatsoever and that too when he was just with you an hour ago?
    Does he still talk about his x
    Does he know when is your birthday
    how much does he know about you and how much does he share about himself with you?

    I can go on and on for ever but here is the simplest fact about men; We are hunters and we love the hunt. anything too easy we lose interest in fairly fast.

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