how do you get rid of erections at school

by Guest1977  |  12 years, 8 month(s) ago

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when in class i got a lot of erections and had a HARD time dealing with them and trying to cover the tent in my pants so how did you deal with them.

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  1. Michael Mahoney

    Good question, but usually a young guy can figure this stuff out for themselves.

    First of all, previous answers suggestiong that you m********e is stupid.  During your teens, that won't work - too many hormones and too much s***n production. 

    Your  question is phrased properly, "How do you deal with it?"

    Baggy shorts and a long shirts that don't get tucked in.  The long, hooded sweatshirt is good, as it is baggy down in front, but it has to be a size or two too big for you.  It will hide most anything down there unless you are a giant. 

    The trickiest part is when you first get the erection, and getting it pointed up.  That you will just have to struggle with.  Once you have it pointed straight up, or to the side depending on your size, you should be able to deal with it under a long sweatshirt.  I said hooded, because you want to have pockets - you can figure it out from there.

    Good luck;  One more thing though;  the only time you really need to worry about getting erections, is when you can't get them anymore.  Think about it, and enjoy the fact that you are a healthy, normal boy.  Stop worrying about it.  Actually, the girls will enjoy seeing that you have a nice erection.  And what do you care what the boys think anyway - unless you're g*y.

  2. Guest8999

    m********e at home right before you split for school.   

  3. Guest7348

    Yes, m********e just before going to school.  Or at school in the bathroom when you get there.  One way of hiding your boner is to place it under the waistband of your undershorts.

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