how do you spend family's

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how do you spend family's

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  1. amomipais82
       1. Set aside a specific time for family time. Mark the date and time on the calendar and make this a priority.
       2. Decide on what activities you would like to share with your family. Set out games, if that is what you decide to do.
       3. Another family activity could be watching movies together.
       4. Reading aloud maybe old-fashioned but it is still an enjoyable activity shared by some families.
       5. Plan a sports outing. Plan to attend a football or basketball game for example. Go skating or share another sports related family group activity.
       6. Go camping or hiking. Both activities are relatively inexpensive and promote family bonding.
       7. Bake or cook together. Sharing time in the kitchen not only promotes family togetherness but teaches a needed skill.

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