how i can change start button name?

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how  i can change start button name?

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  1. GiGi
    This is a simple Easy to do Introduction on how to change your start button text,image, and hover text. This is a fun way to Spruce up your computer to your special touch!


    1) First of all, make sure you download Resource Hacker.(See Ext. Links below to download Resource Hacker) You'll need this software to edit resources inside your Windows shell.
    2) Locate explorer.exe in your c:\Windows directory. Make a copy of the file in the same directory and rename it explorer.bak.
    3) Now launch Resource Hacker. In the File menu, open explorer.exe. You'll now see a bunch of collapsed folders.
    4) Expand the String Table folder and then find folder No. 37 (folder No. 38 if you're in Windows Classic mode).
    5) Click on resource 1033 and locate the text that says "Start." This is your Start button, and now you've got control over what it says! Change the "Start" text to your text of choice. You don't have a character limit, but the text takes up valuable taskbar space, so don't make it too long.
    6) Click on the button labeled Compile Script. This updates the settings for your Start button. But nothing will happen until you restart (see "shutdown/startup process"), so keep going!

  2. GiGi

    1) While you're here, why not also change the text that pops up when your mouse hovers over your Start button?
    2) Right now it says "Click here to begin." Well, duh! We already know that's where to begin!
    3) Open folder No. 34 and click on resource 1033.
    4) Find the text that says "Click here to begin" and change it to something cooler.
    5) Click on the Compile Script button to update this resource.
  3. GiGi

    1) For an added bonus, you can also change the Windows icon to the left of the text, too.
    2) Collapse the String Table folder and expand the Bitmap folder at the top of your folder list.
    3) Click on folder No. 143 and click on resource 1033. You should see that familiar Windows icon.
    4) Go to the Action Menu and select "Replace bitmap." Select "Open file with new bitmap", and locate the replacement image on your machine. Note: The image must have a .bmp extension and a size of 30 pixels by 30 pixels. Then click the Replace button.
  4. Guest8217
    how i can change start button name.

    But I Don't Understand How Can I Copy explorer.exe & rename The explorer.bak.

    Give Asnwer Very Simpily.
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