how important is water to our body ??

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how important is water to our body ??
stated above.

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  1. jane

    What is it that makes water so important? You have an idea? I'll tell you what I think. The most important thing about water is that we need it badly. So badly that if we don't drink it, we die. Long before you would die from starvation, you'd die from dehydration.

    Now what does that tell us? It tells us only one thing. Water consumption is one of the most important parts of our diet. Our body needs, no craves water badly. When you don't drink enough water, your body will suffer. You probably already know that 70 % of our body is made of water. Sweating, breathing, living,... you lose water all the time!

    Water is essential for our bodily functions

        * Water protects our organs and body parts and holds them together.
        * Water is essential for our body cells, it gives them strength.
        * Water is used to transport nutritients, waste matter, hormones and other things in our body

    Water can help you maintain and lose weight

        * Drinking water before a meal will regulate your appetite, making you feel full and satisfied a lot faster. As a result you will eat less and for that, lose weight.
        * Drinking water gives your metabolism a small boost, because your body will be well oiled.

    Water helps cure other health issues

        * Drinking more water will make you retain less water.
        * One glass of water can sometimes cure a headache.
        * Waters Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.
        * Water Decrease chance of kidney stones.
        * Water gives you energy when you feel tired

    hope it helps

  2. Guest3635
    cheers =) .
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