how much are my ty beanie babies worth?

by Guest888  |  9 years ago

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how much are my ty beanie babies worth?

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  1. amomipais82
    Hi There,
    I am assuming you would like the values of your beanie babies. Here they are:
    1. 1997 Teddy- ok well teddy comes in brown,cranberry,jade,magenta and teal. But the only Teddy that was retired in 1997 is the brown Teddy. He is worth 2,100! If he is not the brown teddy he is probably worth less than that. If he is the brown Teddy, you are VERY lucky to have him since he is extremley rare to find. I recommend keeping him since he is worth so much.
    2.Wrinkles 1996- $12
    3.Smart- $10
    4.Snort- $18
    5.Spike- $10
    6.Scary- $10
    7.Jinglepup- sorry I couldn't find the value for him(I'm not too sure if he is a Ty beanie or not)
    8.Bongo- $125(another rare beanie!)
    9.Batty- $16
    10. Sheets- $10

    Your beanie babies sound like they are in excellent shape, but if they do have stains,rips,creases in the tag,no tag ect..they will be worth less than the values above.

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