how much are ty beanie babies worth now?

by Guest6098  |  9 years ago

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how much are ty beanie babies worth now?

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  1. Guest8142
    Beanie Baby a stuffed animal,made by Ty Warner which was later renamed as Ty Inc. in 1993. each toy has an inner posable lining and is stuffed with plastic pellets rather than old conventional stuffing thus providing Beanie Babies a flexible feel.
    the pricing stars from $100 to $4000

  2. Guest8430

    I have a peanut the elephant beanie baby with 1995 on its tail tag and the TY label with the star that says Beanie Original Baby. I have seen peanut going from $2 to $600. What gives? Does the generation count? How do I tell my peanuts generation? He has PVC pellets. Ive been told that matters. Anyone who has information on this would be greatly appreciated.

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