how much is the 1861 20 dollar bill worth

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how much is the 1861 20 dollar bill worth

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  1. amomipais82
    The twenty-dollar bill in the past was referred to as a "double-sawbuck" because it is twice the value of a ten-dollar bill, which was nicknamed a "sawbuck" due to the resemblance the Roman numeral for ten (X) bears to the legs of a sawbuck, although this usage had largely fallen out of favour by the 1980s. The twenty dollar gold coin was known as a "double eagle". Rather than a nickname, this nomenclature was specified by an act of Congress.

    The Bureau of Engraving and Printing says the "average circulation life" of a $20 bill is 25 months (2 years) before it is replaced due to wear. Approximately 22% of all notes printed today are $20 bills. Twenty-dollar bills are delivered by Federal Reserve Banks in violet straps.

  2. Guest2411
    I have a CSA $20.00 bill dated Sept. 2, 1861. Printed by B. Duncan. What is todays value on this particular note? Very good condition.
  3. Guest4185
    how much is the 1861 20 dollar bill worth
  4. Guest7500
    how much is the 1861 100 dollar bill worth
  5. Guest7187

    How much is worth the 20 usd bill, dated september 2, 1861?

    thank you for your quick answer.

    Atte. Guadalupe Aguirre

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