how tall is Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi?

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she looks soooo short, how tall is she anyways?

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  1. amomipais82
    The gelled-up brute caught on video slugging a female cast member of the MTV reality show "Jersey Shore" is a Queens high school gym teacher, the Daily News has learned.

    Cameras were rolling when a drunk Brad Ferro, 23, punched out 21-year-old Nicole (Snooki) Polizzi inside a Seaside Heights bar on Aug. 19, authorities said.

    Footage of Ferro's devastating right hook went viral this week, prompting education officials to boot Ferro from his post at the North Queens Community High School in Flushing and send him to a "rubber room."

    Ferro's father defended his son and blamed MTV.

    "A woman who works for them instigated my son into doing something very stupid," Dan Ferro said from his home in Deer Park, L.I.

    "When you get a bunch of people in a situation with alcohol and instigate, someone's going to do something stupid, and that's obviously what MTV wants."

    Ferro added, "It's horrible, absolutely, and he feels the same way. He doesn't understand how that happened. She was being very aggressive. That's who she is, apparently."

    The highly publicized smackdown is the latest black eye for city schools. The News revealed this week that a trio of female teachers were booted from one Brooklyn high school for sexual shenanigans.

    It also added another layer of controversy to the maligned MTV show, which Italian-American groups say perpetuates stereotypes.

    Ferro was partying at a popular seaside watering hole called the Beachcomber Bar and Grill when he clashed with Polizzi.

    Authorities said Ferro, after already being warned by bouncers to stop boozing, downed Polizzi's drink.

    "There was a small verbal confrontation between the two," Seaside Heights Detective Steve Korman said. "And with that, he just punched her in the face."

    The blow sent Polizzi flying out of her seat. The Marlboro, N.Y, party girl sustained injuries inside her mouth but was not hospitalized.

    She could not be reached Thursday.

    Ferro pled guilty to simple assault and was ordered to pay a $500 fine and take anger management classes.

    The red-faced former baseball star apologized to his students this week after MTV showed clips of the assault in promos for the show.

    "He told us he never wants to drink like that again because of what happened," said Monique Martinez, 18.

    Some students described the second-year teacher as a gentle peacemaker. Others said he had a quick temper

  2. Guest6493
    she is 4'9''
  3. Guest3684
    I would say about no taller than me, 4foot 7 inches! I just saw a picture of her! She loks like an 8 year old! She looks different in other pics I have seen of her though. SHe looks 23 in one of the, 8 in another! She did a freakin' BACKBEND on concrete. She was wearing an UGLY outfit!!!
  4. Guest1687
    4ft9in.  :)
  5. Guest6810
    4'9. I give her credit for being honest about her height and not saying she is 5 feet 2 like most shorts do. I am 55 years old and am 4.9. I was 4.10.3/4 before getting osteoporosis and arthritis due to excessive dieting, smoking, and drinking too much coffee and alc in my youth. So Snooki, you are a brave little person; altho not exactly a little person if ya know what I mean. I had quite a few bar room disputes with rude men in my day, no one ever punched me out; altho one tried to drag me into his car for who knows what. Some men are ignorant jackass chumps these days; and that guy never should have punched that poor little gal out--especially after he stole Her drink. Nuf said.
  6. Guest1553
    She's 4'9. I find it hilarious that some people found it necessary to answer such a simple question in paragraph form.
  7. Guest5017
    shes 4'9 Not very tall but most short people are way prettier
  8. Guest7599
  9. Guest6553



  10. Guest1106

    She's about 4 foot 10 inches.

  11. Guest227


  12. Guest2788


    sexi as h**l too

  13. Guest4666

    whatt the h**l is you guys problem ight i meet snooki first of all n she is NOT 4 9 !~!!!! she is techinally up to my d___ so was qud wif dat she is obiously 5 10 stupidd people ! get real

    sincerly nicole .O


  14. Guest2612

     she's 4'9 bro

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