how to avoid the aids virus?

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how to avoid the aids

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  1. amomipais82
    "There is no vaccine, no cure and not even an indisputably effective treatment. ... Despite dogged detective work by the world's best researchers, AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) remains one of the most mysterious maladies ever to confront medical science. ... Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), proclaimed to be the cause of AIDS has proved to be a fiendishly fast-moving target, able to mutate its structure to elude detection, drugs and vaccines. No one knows for sure how HIV destroys the human immune system, and puzzled experts have debated whether the virus is the only culprit at work", reported Christine Gorman in TIME magazine (August 3, 1992).

    Regarding the Eighth AIDS Conference in Amsterdam where 11,000 AIDS scientists gathered, Christine Gorman writes, "Bewilderment reached a new level in Amsterdam, where scientists reported cases of people who have an AIDS-like condition but have not been found to be infected with HIV".

    What it all tells to a person of wisdom is that AIDS is a disease of behavior. This virus is only the agent of Nature whipping people to put them in-line to follow Her moral code. People who rebelled against the moral code of Nature invented anal s*x, followed their desire of promiscuity and free s*x (adultery, fornication and prostitution) and indulged in drug abuse through intravenous injection. These rebellious people would not follow any (divine) moral authority. Nature, therefore, uses Her divine authority to enforce the moral code in human behavior.

    All religious scriptures, from the most ancient Vedas, the Bible and the Qur'an agree, explicitly or implicitly, upon a moral code regarding homosexuality, fornication and adultery. The use of intravenous injection is another unnatural way of putting chemicals into the body except in dire medical need under the best of aseptic conditions.

    How to avoid AIDS

    Obey the laws of Nature given to us through religious moral teachings.

  2. Guest2514
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