how to check my liberian cdc is fake or genuine? answer in detail pls

by Guest9977  |  12 years ago

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also tell me is it neccessary to hav INDos no. as my stcw courses r from a panama recognized institute plz help me.

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  1. Guest1225
    please check this cdc no 0894279

  2. Guest1221
    how to check my liberian cdc 708985
  3. Guest9489
  4. Guest1749
    CDC No : 0917183
  5. Guest4610
    how to check l. cdc?
  6. Guest1629
  7. Guest5003
    how to check my liberian cdc
  8. Guest8769
    MOHAMMAD WAKEEL KHAN ,BOOK :0928192,FIN :853192
  9. Guest3905
    kuldeep singh book 948094 fin 865967
  10. Guest2095
    please check this cdc no. 0906952
  11. Guest2288
    rahul bhat
  12. Guest7553
    My name is Yogeshwar yashwant shiva. Book No. 958376 Fin No. 872880  I want to know my cdc is genuine or not Please check. Thank You.
  13. Guest5817

    atul sharma cdc for checking

  14. Guest457

    please check this cdc no 954698

  15. Guest7496

     plz check this cdc no. is true or not 905355

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