how to connect DSL Modem to Netpassege 27g Wireless Router?

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how to connect DSL Modem to Netpassege 27g Wireless Router?

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  1. Guest6650
    install CD of compex NetPassage 27 G

  2. Guest9433
    I do not have the guide for your wireless router (compex netpassege 27g). So I cannot guide you step by step.

    Connect your wireless router to c2110 (LAN port of c2110 --> Internet port of wireless router: via ethernet RJ45 cable). Now you can setup in one of the following two ways:

    a) keeping current c2110 settings intact (bridge) mode, you could setup the wireless router in PPPoE mode.

    ........................... OR ...........................

    b) You could setup the c2110 in PPPoE mode and NetPassage 27g in bridge mode.

    The PPPoE settings should be as follows:
    VPI = 0
    VCI = 35
    Connection Type = PPPoE/PPPoA
    Encapsulation = LLC
    Username = <your bsnl username>
    Password = <your bsnl password>
    Service name = <blank>
    Authentication = Auto
    NAT = Enabled
    IGMP = Disabled
    QoS (Quality of Service) = Disabled
    MTU = Auto or 1492
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