how to cure flu with herbal remedies?

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can anyone suggest some good remedies..?

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  1. Saba
    Home remedies for Flu #1: Take Vitamin C to boost immune system and increase the number of white blood cells

    Home remedies for Flu #2: Take Zinc lozenges, it boosts the immune system as soon the symptoms develop.

    Home remedies for Flu #3: Colloidal silver kills viruses.

    Home remedies for Flu #4: Take Garlic capsules to decrease de growth of the virus.
    Home remedies for Flu #5: Make a tea mixing:

    1 tsp. bayberry bark.
    1 tsp. grated ginger root.
    ½ tsp. cayenne powder.
    1 cup of boiling water.
    Let it sit for 20 minutes.

    Home remedies for Flu #6: Take "cold and flu" tablets this homeopathic preparation has help people avoid getting infected with the flu virus by taking 1 tablet a day throughout the flu season.

    Home remedies for Flu #7: Take arsenicum album if thirsty but feel better drinking warm fluids, lack of appetite, body aches, and feel worse during the night.

    Home remedies for Flu #8: Take bryonia if cough, throat and chest pain, dry mouth and lips, very thirsty.

    Home remedies for Flu #9: Take eupatorium perfoliatum if you have pain in your bones and eyeballs.

    Home remedies for Flu #10: Take Gelsemium if feeling chills, aches, fever, not thirsty.

    Home remedies for Flu #11: Nux vomica  is used when a simple cold has develop into influenza.

    Home remedies for Flu #12: If the fever is too high, take catnip tea and ½ tsp. of lobelia tincture every 4 hours. Do not use if pregnant or breast-feeding and do not give to a child less than one year old.

    Home remedies for Flu #13: Cat's claw shortens the duration of the flu.

  2. Saba
    Step 1:
    Make a saltwater mixture by adding a pinch of salt to a cup of warm water and gargle. Gargling with salt water will ease your sore throat that comes with the flu and it will wash out anything that is stuck in your throat. Try not to swallow the salt water, because it is high in sodium.

    Step 2:
    Make a tea of bayberry bark and ginger root. Take a teaspoon of bayberry bark, 1 teaspoon of grated ginger root, ½ teaspoon of cayenne powder, and 1 cup of boiling water and mix together to make a tea. Let this tea sit for 20 minutes and sip slowly.

    Step 3:
    Make your own cough syrup. Take 1 garlic clove, peel it and put it in a jar. Cover the peeled garlic with honey and set it in a warm place for up to two weeks. You will know the cough syrup is ready when the garlic turns opaque. Take a teaspoon as needed and dilute with water or lemon juice if needed.

    Step 4:
    Make an onion cough syrup. Repeat step 3 with only one exception, leave the onion cough syrup stand overnight instead of two weeks. Take one teaspoon 4 to 5 times a day as needed.

    Step 5:
    Make an herbal cough syrup using two parts elecampane root, one part horehound root, and two parts marsh mallow root. Mix all of the herbs together, cover with honey and let stand in a warm place for one day. Strain and use this herbal cough syrup as needed.

    Step 6:
    Make anise tea by crushing one teaspoon of anise seeds and putting in one cup of boiling water. Let steep for 20 minutes before straining. Drink up to 3 cups every day or more or less as needed.
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