how to do GATE preparation?

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how to do GATE preparation?

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  1. amomipais82
    Hi There,
    1.Material Collection

    All the relevant books based on the subject(Divide the books in two groups - (1) Fundamental and basic concepts (2) Problem oriented
    Some books helpful for pre-requisite knowledge on the subject
    Some good guide books for GATE
    Previous questions papers
    2.Keep contact with some expert and GATE experienced persons
    3.Study - Syllabus and Previous questions papers

    4.Start from the first chapter

    read at least 5 books, it will widen your knowledge(if necessary consult with the books for pre-requisite knowledge or with some expert)
    Note down the probable concepts(definitions, unit, dimension etc.)
    Note down necessary theories, formulae etc
    Solve problems as maximum as possible(from text books, Guide books etc)
    Think about various tricks in solving problems(if necessary, note it)
    Go for series of self tests based on this chapter(take other's help to conduct tests)
    Continue the self tests until getting a very good score
    5.Solve more and more problems, discover more and more new tricks…
    6.Follow the same procedure for the rest chapters

    7.Finally, go for self tests based on whole syllabus(take other's help to conduct these tests)

    8.On the exam day…you will be at the Pick, who can stop you?
    Best of luck

  2. Guest3830
    your answer and tips ,tricks are like fire. thank you very much for this information. Have a good day.
    Garg P - ahmeadabad
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