how to enable tv output

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     If you have a GeForce4 Ti4200 like me, then the card does TV output and input, and it comes with an S-video/composite adapter cable.

    European TVs often have a SCART ("Euroconnector") input/output, so the next thing to get is a SCART to composite video (and audio) adapter cable.

    You can also get ones with a switch on the SCART connector that switches the composite plugs between input and output, or ones with 6 composite plugs, 3 for input, and 3 for output. For playing a PC image on a TV, we need one with at least 3 plugs, where the composite plugs are for input. These cables typically cost 12 euros and up, depending on the quality. Of course if your TV has composite input, then you just need a straight composite to composite cable (3 plugs at each end).

    The standard color coding for composite cables is: yellow = video, white = left audio, red = right audio.

    For the audio, you need an adapter cable from the PC's audio output (which takes a 3.5 mm jack plug), to the composite plugs of the cable above (so for this cable, the composite plugs need to be of the "female" type).

    I found that the S-video output produces a slightly better image, so I'm using another adapter cable, one that goes from S-video to composite.

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