how to get a rich girl as a girlfriend in lagos nigeria

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how to get a rich girl as a girlfriend in lagos nigeria

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  1. Victor Strong

     I have to be honest with you, I have neve been to Lagos, however I have found that ones at that are all over and not more challenging to get with than regular girls. You just have to work with the right tools and strategies to acquire them.

    Firstly, you have to understand that a rich girl in that part of the world will not want to move to a lower standard of living. Therefore you must be willing to look and act the part of someone who also has money. Frequent the spots where the city's wealthy young ladies like to hang out and come out dressed to kill. 

    If you don't have the nicest face around, it is all good. Women are fans of confidence and status, exude both. Treat her as if she is lucky to be talking to you and believe it. I do not encourage lying, but you will have to sell that you are a big deal. Do not over do it - cocky is a turnoff. The idea is confidence. 


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