how to have a baby and when will she have it

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how to have a baby and when will she have it

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  1. amomipais82
    Periodic sonograms during pregnancy provide tremendous information, not the least of which is whether the baby will be a girl or a boy. The remaining visual details are rather universal, like five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot. As the baby's development progresses, you can then see organs and even if they have hair on their little heads!

    It would take a very dedicated effort to accurately record a baby's every change since, from the day they are born, a baby continues to evolve. Right out of the gate (or out of the womb, such as it is in reality), a newborn begins the journey of metamorphosis, from helpless little being to independent adult.

    Babies might be born with their eyes closed and usually screaming in protest, having been forced into the cold world from their warm, safe environment for the last nine months. Until their eyes open to observe their new surroundings, the mystery of eye color remains. Aside from a minor weight loss or gain, one of their first transitions is opening their eyes. A newborn's eyes could be brown, hazel, gray, green and the favorite of many, blue. However, the color frequently changes and, not just once, but perhaps again over their first several months.

    Sonograms cannot reveal eye color, hair color, or personality. We rely on the passage of time to bring to light the physical characteristics and unique personalities; however, we look to the past for what can be expected after the first couple of weeks a baby is born. Well known is the anticipated first smile, the recognition of their parents' voices, as well as their increased hunger for nourishment and regularly fluctuating sleep patterns.

    All too soon, changes advance rapidly; the first teeth, turning over and sitting up on their own, crawling, standing, walking; and off they go in whatever direction that interests them most, anxious to explore the vast realm of possibilities surrounding them. They leave toddler status behind, now in constant search for what else is "out there" and inevitably continuing their transformation.

    Babies have no thoughts about their natural transitions. But we, as adults, certainly have the ability to actually recognize and embrace change, viewing it as an opportunity to learn, grow and gain new wisdom. We all experience psychological, emotional, financial and professional fluctuations throughout our adulthood. Often change involves a painful situation like job loss, divorce, death. Frequently, though, change occurs serendipitously, resulting in a better professional opportunity, a new romance or even the birth of a first grandchild! There are countless catalysts which bring change, but the bottom line is all about the manner in which we choose to deal with our metamorphosis.

    Whether spurred by a deliberate decision, a sad or unfortunate event, or just by going through life, change happens. Change has the potential to change us, hopefully making us more than we are right now, more than we ever thought we could be and more aware of the vast realm of possibilities "out there" waiting for us. Now, if only there was a sonogram that would reveal what we will be like when we emerge on the other end of re-inventing ourselves.

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