how to increase duration in s*x?

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how to increase duration in s*x?

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    During their early self-pleasuring experiments, many men learn a very quick o****m
    Orgasmic dysfunction
    pattern in order to avoid detection—like in the bathroom (“You’ve been in there for hours! What are you doing?”) Learning to come quickly with a partner can also set up this pattern. Guilt, anxiety and relationship conflict may create a situation where some men just want to get it over with quickly so they won’t have to deal with any of those feelings. And, of course, if you’re focused on “performing,” rather than just enjoying yourself, your p***s can become incredibly stubborn and uncooperative.

    Many men think they have to last a very long time in order to please their partner, yet most studies show that around 75% of all males have an o****m within 2 minutes of beginning p***s-v****a (p-v) s*x . I wonder if you’ve asked your wife whether SHE also wants you to last longer? Are you thinking that if you last longer, somehow she’ll have an o****m during p-v s*x? The fact is that most women DON’T o****m during p-v s*x. It’s a much more effective way for men to o****m than women.

    That said, here are some techniques for lasting longer:

    First, slow down during self-pleasuring and unlearn that old pattern of quick o****m. Try teasing yourself by stimulating yourself just to the point where you feel you’re about to o****m, then backing off and relaxing, and then beginning again. This will give you a sense of control as well as teach you to recognize your own point of no return (when you know you're about to have an o****m, no matter what). Another thing to try is when you feel yourself getting close to o****m, relax, breathe deeply, and cease movement. Some men also find they last longer if they have an o****m on their own before beginning partner s*x. This tends to take the edge off, if you will.

    Once you feel in control of your o****m, you can also examine whether you have any feelings of discomfort with being sexual—either with yourself or with a partner. These feelings of discomfort can create extreme conflict and cause you to feel the need to get it over with quickly. If you look at s*x as something to finish quickly—get it up, get it in, get it off—you’ll need to let go of that old mentality. And naturally, any relationship conflicts can also contribute.

    About p***s size: It seems like where there’s a man and a p***s, there’s p***s issues! At least half of all men are concerned that their p***s is inadequate (despite the fact that their partners don't feel the same way). These worries hold men back from feeling good about themselves and their sexuality, as well negatively impacting their sexual relationships. Many men see very few other penises, so they don’t have a realistic idea of the range of p***s sizes and shapes. And, of course, the penises one sees in online erotica are completely unrealistic, since these actors don't tend to be the norm at all when it comes to size or how long or often they can become or remain erect.

    Penises are like noses: everyone has a similar one, with some variation. There are very small, pert noses, and very large, important noses. But they all work just the same. A p***s may be on the smaller side, but it still functions just as well—AND gives its user just as much pleasure.

    Remember, there is no “normal” size for penises. Most men erect to between 4” and 5”, with some variation. Whatever size your p***s, it can bring both you and your partner great pleasure, especially when combined with accurate information and good communication. Good luck and have fun! Dr. J
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