how to install windows 7 professional 64 bit to 32 bit

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I am running windows 7 32bit and I want to know that how can I install windows 7 64bit.

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    Before you start, confirm that your computer can run a 64-bit type of Windows instead of 32-bit. The Custom choice establishes a new exact duplicate of Windows 7 on the partition you choose. You will require reinstalling your programs, so making certain you have the setting up computer discs and merchandise keys for the programs you desire to use in Windows 7, or setup documents for any programs you downloaded from the Internet.

    To manage this, you will require to start, or boot, your computer utilising the Windows 7 setting up computer disc or USB blink drive. Turn on your computer in order that Windows begins commonly, inject the Windows 7 setting up computer disc or USB blink propel, and then closed down your computer. Restart your computer.

    Press any key when provoked, and then pursue the directions that appear. On the Install Windows sheet, go in your dialect and other preferences, and then bang Next.

    If the Install Windows sheet doesn't emerge, and you're not inquired to press any key, you might require to change some scheme settings. To discover how to manage this, glimpse Start your computer from a Windows 7 setting up computer disc or USB blink drive.

    On the Please read the permit periods sheet, if you accept the permit periods, bang I accept the permit periods, and then bang Next. On the which kind of setting up manage you want? Page emerges with this inquiry, bang Custom.

    On the Where manages you desire to establish Windows? Page seems with this inquiry, select the partition encompassing your preceding type of Windows, this is often the computer's C: propel, and then bang Next.

    In the Windows.old dialog carton, bang OK. Follow the directions to complete establishing Windows 7, which encompass calling your computer and setting up a primary client account.


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