how to make Sleepover fun by doing things that matter

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how to make Sleepover fun by doing things that matter. i will start the list and lets see if others can add to this. just so you know, this is not my own list but a list i put together by looking at what people are doing.
1 make videos
2 take pics.
3 say random things
4 makeovers
5 decorate and take pics. of your room
6 try to post 150
7 watch clay world on youtube
8 make forts
9 make tents
10 make random ads and videos
11 create masks and costumes
12 magic candy game
13 pretend to be things that your not
14 play video games
15 scrap book
16 board games
17 fashion show
18 truth or dare
19 charades
20 randomly google or youtube search
21 cards
22 stay up all night
23 dress up and takes pics. for a friend scrap book
24 dance
25 do hair and nails
26 draw pics. of each other
27 make new clothing out of whatever you have lying around
28 make jewlrey
29 prank calls
30 arts and crafts
31 make your own games
32 tell stories
33 act like each other
34 play with pets
35 would you rather
36 watch movies
37 search random websites
38 pull pranks on each other
39 ding dong ditch
40 tp other homes
41 sing
42 eat junk food
43 play different sports
44 bake
45 suck the helium out of balloons and talk
46 tell secrets
47 gossip
48 make a burn book
49 puzzles and strategy games
50 try to set things up without instructions
51 mini fear factor
52 tell who you're crushing on
53 mad lib
54 make your own really hard math probs. and have your friends find the answers
55 put on skits
56 write poems
57 write stories
58 dress up
59 hide and seek in the dark
60 build towers out of whatever you have lying around
61 tell scary stories
62 watch scary movies
63 come up with brain teasers and have your try to figure them out
64 call your friends that aren't there

65 listen to music
66 write songs
67 write plays
68 pillow fight
69 make your own random recipes
70 cook the random recipes that you have made
71 make disgusting food and drinks for your friends and have them try it
72 HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Guest4386 was pretend to run a TV station. We would have weather and news reports, hilarious commercials, and dress up as characters from our favorite TV shows and add our own twist to our favorite episodes.

    2.singstar wii or sing,ur choice!!!

    4.Wood ice skating

    5.make popcorn wit fun toppings

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