how to remove soft stronghold

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how to remove soft stronghold

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  1. amomipais82
    rom the Wini family of rogues that seems to grow with each passing day, another “member” has emerged: SoftStronghold. This new fake anti-malware uses the same scamming techniques: it will try to make you believe your computer is infected and that you need to buy the program to get rid of the infections. In fact, SoftStronghold is a scam and the warnings are fake as you are about to see in a moment.

    SoftStronghold will get on your computer through the use of Trojans that mask themselves as flash upgrades or video codecs required for online video viewing. Once SoftStronghold gets on your computer, it will be programmed to start automatically when Windows loads. This rogue will then perform a fake scan of your computer. It will detect several files (that SoftStronghold itself created) as infections but then tell you that you have to pay for it so you can remove them.

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