how to submit your website url to a search engine for free?

by Guest37  |  12 years, 2 month(s) ago

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I would like free submission of the URL for my website on search engines. Can anyone tell me what methods should I opt for?

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  2. Brandon Tucker

    Submitting a website/blog is very important and necessary to search engines to get your site indexed properly and you will be noticed by Search Engine that you are exist.

    There are many ways to submit the website/blog to search engines for free. There are some websites which helps to submit your website in Search engines through them.But if you want to submit your site manually then every search engine has its own “how to” for submitting the site.

    Google: Google is the number one used search engine among other search engines in world. You should first submit your site to Google and it’s absolutely free of cost and to submit your website URL go to following link: and write your URL in URL field and description or comment about your site in comment section and then enter the captcha code and click ok submit and you are done.

    Here is list of some major search engines with their links to submit website/blog URL:

    Yahoo! Search:

    Microsoft Live Search:

    Alexa Web Search:

    Baidu (Chinese search engine):



    Scrub the Web:




  3. Guest5230
    here is the website I use it to submit free URL's visit
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