i'm looking for 14-15 year old boyfriend

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hello! my name is Rachel. I'm from Philippines, it's in Asia. I'm a 14 year old girl and i'm turning 15 this coming June. I'm looking for a 14-15 year old boyfriend from Europe, or anywhere, it's fine with me. If you are interested you can contact me..

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  1. Guest1464

     Firstly you are totally free in your life and you are beautiful too. But its not the right age to start such a relation. You should at-least be 16 to enter into such an affair. But still if you are intrested in having a boyfriend or just a friend from Europe then you are at the right place. At maybenow you can easily find some one of that age which you are looking for and you will soon receive lots of mails. It would become difficult for you to handle the people who will be mailing you.

    But in my opinion career comes prior to such a relation if you will be successful in your life then automatically there will be a line of boys around you who will wait hours for you just to see you are talk to you. Make your self something that people around you start loving you. But you should wait for two or three more years to start such a relation because this age is almost immature age and some things gets out of control and you can't help it out. during teenage one do not have control upon him/her self and can easily go beyond the limits defined.



  2. Guest7305

     yes i know that, thanks for your advice, but you know what, most of teen agers are having relationships now, i suppose almost more than of my classmates have their bf,

    relationships of teens are not really serious, here in our country, boys and girls who have relationships only communicate through cellphone, they just exchange text messages and sometimes calls but they can't talk to each other in personal, i think it's just that they both admire and having crush to each other and there's no harm, it's just normal for us teens, sometimes i heard a groupof teens talking that their parents are old-fashioned because they are strict, girls here are still modest and boys respect girls, philippines are not like other countries boys and girls are already doing wrong like petting in their young age, i don't mean to describe our country but my point is I'm not really in a hurry to have a relationship like what you think, can't you see, there are many other posts here looking for bf or gf that are younger than me,

    my friends and classmates have their bf, and i dont want to feel alone and out of place, i want to enjoy my teen age life too,i'm not envy, because i'm really focusing on my studies, and i know balance my studies and lovelife, but in all my life i never did have a boyfriend although there are boys who say they like me, i just want to know what is the feeling if someone is concern for you and cares for you like my friends they are happy and enjoying their life,

    so that's why i'm looking for a bf, even just for online, there will be no harm, i know, i did not even talk with strangers on webcam


  3. Guest8026

     Yes I understand most of the teens use cell phone these days and only sms each other and nothing more then that. Totally agree with you up till here but there are always chances of the worst scenario as well. I know it is going fine till the teenage group but here i would like to share one more thing that some times you are so much focused towards these sms that you forget the things which are of prime importance for you. Same way you can never concentrate towards your studies and at the end your results are affected due to all this. I am not saying that this kind of friendship should not be there. It should be there for a healthy growth of mind but you should not waste your most of the time only in sms that was my point. 

    And teenage is the age from where you finalize about your career and if you are not concentrated properly there might be an issue of selecting wrong career. 

    So things can be in many different ways and people think about different things differently. No one has got the same thinking as any one else. 
  4. Guest9869

     If you are looking for a bf then why don't you look it in your own country. In your Europe anyone might not be as much interested in you as much boys of your country. So try to find out one in your own coutry, better to look for one in your own school.

  5. Guest3057

     i dont really want to have a boyfriend right now so that's why i'm not looking here in our own place, i'm looking for an online friend from europe who's a boy

  6. Guest2346

     Then you can chat with me but i am from Asia but living in another country..............

  7. Guest226

     Ok then that is very nice act by you because it will give to a chance to learn about lot of new things. Because there is to much difference in the living style from the place of your origin and Europe. My best wishes will always be with you. 

  8. Guest493

    i really appreciate your advice, thank you ZZ

  9. Guest1383

     Thanks for the appreciation and always have faith in your self and you will always be successful.  

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