i am 15 years old boy my mom undreseing me is it good or bad

by Guest3140  |  10 years, 5 month(s) ago

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my mom undress me in bath rooms




  1. tommy

    I don't see anything wrong with this... I didn't have a good family life growing up, so I spent lots of time at my friends house. He lived with his single mom, and she treated me like a was her son. I basically, lived there, spending the school night there from age 10 - 14. However, her son left to spend the summers with his dad, so I was there along with her. She used to undress and bath us separately, and Max normally went to bed right away. I was last in the tub, watching TV until the last moment. I enjoyed being undressed by her and wasn't embarrassed when I got an erection... especially after puberty... It was just a normal close time that we spent together.


  2. Guest7914
    Well... how far does she undress you? to your under cloths? to nudity? does she eer try to touch you sexually? Most mothers stop undressing their children when they are like 5 or 6....
  3. Guest1206
    i was undressed completely every night in the front room no matter was visiting i was 14.i enjoyed the trill of women seeing me naked. most times i had an erection then she would take me to the bathroom and bathe me then take me back to the front room and dry me and then left me stay naked till bedtime some times if i was naughty during the day i would also get a spanking  .before being sent to bed
  4. Guest435
    If both you and your mother feel it benefits you then it is OK. Perhaps your mom should also bathe you so you can have more quality time with her.
  5. Guest5106
    if you enjoy being undressed by your mom in front of her friends and bathed i cant see anything wrong with it
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