i am 7 months pregnant is there someone who can adopt my unborn baby

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please do not hesitate to contact me @

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  1. Guest8382
    Hi there my name is Amanda and im 29. i would like to know where you live first before I offer to adopt your child. I live in alberta canada so you would as well. please let me know at if you are interested . thank you kindly

  2. Guest5633

    my husband and i are looking to adopt. i had cervical cancer so i am high risk and shouldnt get pregnant so we are gunna try this first. my husband is a teacher and i am in school for early childhood education. we arent rich but we arent poor and on welfare either. we make a decent living. in our house we will provide and stride for education and lots of love for your child. if you are interested please email me at
  3. Guest4661
  4. Guest6525

    me and my husband are looking for a pregnant filipino woman, baby has to be mixed parentage from a white foreigner. i will pay for all expenses..(we can arranged that with my lawyer)

    me and my husband 3 years married and has stable income, we can support ur baby in every we can..and we will bring and raised the baby in the uk.

    heres my husband's email:

    before we migrate to uk we want to adopt or when baby is born we can register it straight to my husband name so that hassle free of this adoptions papers...easy for us to take the baby to the uk

    money matters we can arranged that with my lawyer....

    hoping with ur reply

    mr. and mrs.markham
  5. Guest6894
    would love the opportunity!  my husband has a great job and I stay home!
    we have had home study and are currently seeking a child who needs a good, loving, caring family!
  6. Guest7422
    Hi hun,  I would love to speak with you re" adopting you little Angel!!!  I am a stay at home mom with two boys and two girls,  I would absolutely love to give you little Angel a wonderful, loving, fun & secure instant family!!!  I have excellent ref. a clean background check on  Smoke and Drink free Christian home nestled on 4 park like acres. A family pet, Vacation Bible school at home for two diffeent weeks out of each summer for my and the neibhorhood kids. We are active and have a very close loving extended family also!!!  God bless you hunny for your unselfish giving, loving, heart to think of your little Angels best intrest.  I will do an open or closed adoption. Any way you want it to go is fine for me. This is your gift it goes your way!!!!  get a hold of me as soon as you can hun.oh, and the baby will have 100% medical/dental/vision all of its childhood into adulthood. ;)   You are one of God's Angel's you know!!!!!!
  7. Guest4659
    We are Eric (25) and Ashlette (23). We have been married for over four years and have struggled with infertility. We have tried treatment for three years and have decided that being parents is our ultimate goal. We want to raise a child in our energetic outdoorsy family and show the love that Jesus shows us. Ashlette works with special needs kids and Eric is a full time student. We have a great extended family and your child would have plenty of cousins to play with. We are very involved in our home church and would be willing to discuss different adoption options (semi-open, open, closed). The child we adopt will know that they were adopted through love on both of the parents behalfs.

    If you are thinking of adoption we thank you. Without having women who are strong enough to make this difficult decision we would have no hope at having a child. We are praying that someone will search their heart and know this decision would be best for their child and that we would be the family to go through this journey with you.

    Feel free to contact us and visit our family website at

    We are keeping you in our prayers
  8. Guest2510
    i would love to adopt your baby i have already adopted2 child.and we both have full time jobs and the child would be in a loving home.please email me at
  9. Guest8333
    i like to adopt your baby
    i am married
    my email id
  10. Guest44
    hello am i would love to adopt your baby oh my god yeah i would love to:).

    i love children i have twin brothers and a baby sister and i mind them the whole time :).

    im 17 years old and i live in ireland :)

    i would love to adopt your baby:)
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