i am a single mother of 3 with my former hjapanese husband.i am a filipina

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kids are 13 years old, 10,and a 10 months summer vacation  and  a vacation with their dad will help them from being bored and sad.i accompanied them to their fathers place and on my way home,alone,i felt so sad and decided to go back to take my 10 months baby with me back to the place we live.and my kids didnt open up the door,because that is what their dad told them,so i went home and called my x husband on the phone for the whole day and night ,but he didnt responded.i called a police station to get some help,to let me talk to the father that i want my baby back to me and they can do nothing more about the x husband called me finally,but refuses to bring back my baby to me..what am i supposed to do???we are abondoned by my husband ,pregnant then for 2 months,deliver my baby alone,been alone taking care of my kids.father who refuses to give us any help financially,trying to play a good role father to my kids and want them away from me.for thirteen years i worked to pay for the money he owed and what if wont return my kids to me!!!!i have no one!!!!please




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    Noone knows who you are or how to contact you. How can anyone here help u. sorry. You should go speak to a lawyer and/or government worker who may be able to assist you. Good luck

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