i am living in dubai and i want to adopt a new born baby

by Guest5484  |  10 years, 6 month(s) ago

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i am want to adopt baby

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  1. Guest8541
    please i tried to contact you by the email but the mail was not going through, Do you still want to adopt the baby? I am giving up my baby boy legally to any happy home, Please give me a valid correct email to contact you.

  2. Guest770
    please can you give me a valid email to talk concerning the adoption of the baby? thanks.
  3. Guest988
    I have got a darling to offer as a member of your family
  4. Guest2743
    I have a baby I want to give a loving home, could you please give a valid email so I can contact you? Or contact me through
  5. Guest4914
    im interested lissa.. ill give you my email id if u r still willing.. thanks
  6. Guest3616
    if you are still in need of a child,email me at(
  7. Guest5383
    i am living in dubai and i want to adopt a new born baby
    please help me
    to get  a baby born
    i really need it
  8. Guest7401

    You living in Dubai and want to adopt a new born are you still interested? if so,email me at

  9. Guest6165

    Hello dear ,   my name is Grace , i am 23 year old and got pregnate and unable to take care , i wish to know if you are still interested in adopting a baby , if yes can contact or please can e-mail me back as soon as possible regarding our situation . e-mail me back at ( )   thanks and best regard . Grace .

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