i live in nashville tenn and i am 11 and i'm desperate

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you sure?

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  1. Guest1192
    I am Mr. Abdul Rahmam Bin Musah, Manager Diamond Dee Hotel and Guest House community 16 off the Spintex road.
    I am contacting you in respect of a boy who died in our hotel 3days ago with his consignment by his side.  
    The name of the deceased as written in our register is: Benjamin Samvibi who hails from Angola. It may interest you to know that a certain elderly hotel maid informed me that he gave her a $200 tip a few days before he died and she saw him take the money from one of the two boxes.
    This is a secret as no one in the hotel knows about this except the lady, me and now you.

    As you know I am just a manager in charge of reservations but I must warn you to act quickly towards retrieving the said boxes before anyone discovers what they contain.
    For now both boxes are safely stored in the hotel warehouse and they have no keys plus they have combination numbers as well but who knows what can happen if anyone knows what they contain?

    I have a brother who works in Western Union office and told me they have equipment to open the consignment if I can bring to their office and after it open i can send you money from the consignment with your instruction so you can come to Ghana and take the consignment yourself.

    The only way i can be able to take the consignment out of here to my brother office in Western Union is after the money he deceased owe the hotel management is paid.
    Your swift response to this E-mail is needed.

    Yours truly,

    Mr. Abdul Rahmam Bin Musah
    Mobile:  +233-241545672
    Office landline: +233-21937310

  2. Guest6899
    hey im a hot 12 years old guy and my email is
  3. Guest8914
    hey im a hot 12 years old guy and my email is
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