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hi i am jung, i live live in hong kong mr park my friend  introduce me  to hong loan firm who lend me  with $30,000 to aid my business, if you are interested contact him via

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  1. Guest1572

    This is to notify all viewers of this forum that the NPA LOANS LTD has an significant roll to plan in establishing your company Financial capacity, which is an important factor that must never by down looked in a company image.

    We provide loan for Business owners only, the name of our loan agency is NPA LOANS LTD.

    We assist falling Business to help them up again.

    The details that will be needed from the business owner, for a successful loan approval is the below following.

    1.) Company registration


    2.) Prove of Personality such as international Passport

    3.) Prove of residential Address

    Be informed that the entire above mentioned certificate will be confirmed by your country embassy.

    We offer urge Loans Capital, raging from $500.000USDollars to a maximum of $2.000.000 US Dollars.

    Please don’t contact us if you are not qualified with the above stranded!!!

    For more details contact email:

    Contact Person: Mrs. ANNA MAPCO

    The possibility of getting a Loan with the NPA LOANS LTD is based on approval, which will be after submission of application, and be informed that the taken loan would have to be paid back with a period of 4 years, at interest of 25%, deteriorating to comply with the dead-line pay-back period of time, will direct your company name to a black list

    The NPA LOANS LTD, is empowered by the Bank of Mozambique, unclaimed dividend worth over 1.4 Billion USD.

    The NPA LOANS LTD is a list of share holders, with the Bank of Mozambique.

    Be informed, that Mozambique as a country has no history of scam activities, such information you can confirm, as well be verified from Google on line verification.

    Our Motto :We empower your company financial image.

  2. Guest3577

    Hello I am Harry peter am in need of a loan and a friend of my introduce me to a loan firm called Mix Bowen Company. Thank God I was given a loan few days ago at 5% rate, if u are in urgent need of loan, you can contact them via

  3. Guest333

    Hello I am Harry peter am in need of a loan and a friend of my introduce me to a loan firm called Mix Bowen Company. Thank God I was given a loan few days ago at 5% rate, if u are in urgent need of loan, you can contact them via

  4. Guest4042

    Hello dear, I am Mark Roland. Sometime ago i was a need of a loan to transact a business i ran to my bank to take up a loan but they refuse to grant me because of my credit check,so a friend of mine introduce me to a legit lender that she got loan from sometimes ago at first i was scared but i decided to give them a trier to my greatest surprise my loan was approved an transfer to my bank account without any form of cosigner, collateral, debit check with 2 percent rate, so i will advise anyone at there that need a loan to contact them via this email,

  5. Guest1913

    Attn Sir /Madam : I am SAM JOHNSON the C E O of SAM LOAN FIRM a Legitimate And a Reputable loan Lender. We are dynamic company with financial assistance.We loan funds out to individuals in need of financial assistance, that have a bad credit or in need of money to pay bills,to invest on business.I want to use this medium to inform you that we render reliable and beneficiary assistance as be glad to offer you a loan.Contact us via e-mail address: Services Rendered include; Refinance,Home Improvement,Investment Loan,Auto Loans,Debt Consolidation,Line of Credit,Second Mortgage,Business Loans, Personal Loans,Car Loan,Auto Loan. Please write back if interested. FULL NAME......... HOME ADDRESS...... TELL NO.............. s*x................. AGE........... MARITAL STATUS........ COUNTRY.......... STATE.......... MONTHLY INCOME......... OCCUPATION..... DATE OF BIRTH..... AMOUNT NEEDED AS LOAN ......... PURPOSE OF LOAN........ DURATION OF LOAN...... Get back to me with these information's so that we can proceed further okay. I am waiting to hear from you okay.

  6. Guest2326



    Good day.<br />
    Have you be denied of a loan from your bank or a any<br />
    Financial Firm? Do you need a loan to pay off your bills or buy a home? Do<br />
    you need a loan to start up a business?. Make your dreams come through by<br />
    contacting NORTION FINANCE COMPANY, we give out loan<br />
    with an interest rate of 2% per<br />
    annual, for more information regarding this loan do make contact with us<br />
    with the state email below:(

    so that we can proceed further.

    PURPOSE OF LOAN:.<br />
    DURATION OF LOAN:.<br />
    FULL NAMES:.<br />
    ADDRESS:.<br />
    COUNTRY:.<br />
    Monthly Income:.<br />
    TELEPHONE<br />
    NUMBER:.<br />
    s*x:.<br />
    MARITAL STATUS:.<br />

    Thanks for taking your time to view our advert.<br />
    CEO Dr. Philips Morrison<br />
    Contact Email:<br />
    Contact Email:<br />
    Contact Email:<br />

  7. Guest2745
    I am Mrs. Sandra Bents from Canada, God has bless me with two kids and a loving husband, I promise to share this Testimony because of God favor in my life,2months ago I was in desperate need of money so I thought of having a loan then I ran into wrong hands who claimed to be a loan lender not knowing he was a scam. he collected 2,000USD from me and refuse to email me since. then I was confuse, but God came to my rescue, one faithful day I went to church after the service I share idea with a friend and she introduce me to GUARANTEE TRUST INTERNATIONAL LOAN FIRM., she said she was given 50,000USD by MR Brown , THE MANAGING DIRECTOR OF GT LOAN FIRM . so I collected his email Address ,he told me the roles and regulation and I followed, then after processing of the Documents, he gave me my loan of 30,000POUNDS .you can contact him on via email :  ( )    I am sure he will help you.
  8. Guest8097
    Dear Sir / Madam

    I am Mr courty smith am a private loan lender, I give out
    loans in a clear and understandable and conditions to loans
    to a very low rate of 7.5%. Dear readers should note that this offer is serious
    individual mind, businesses and companies.Do not let this opportunity pass
    by.Get pass that your loan to your financial problem and the establishment of
    new companies, interested individuals, firms and companies should
    please contact me via

    Full name;
    Quantity Needed:
    Marital Status
    Duration of the Loan;

    Best Regards.
    Mr courty smith
  9. Guest8675
    I am thanking God for yahoo answer room for making me to meet with this trust financial by name Mr Brown Fisher , he is the C.E.O of Guarantee Trust International Loan

    firm , Mr Brown is a trustful christain person and with the way he approach me on the phone , i do have the believe that i have seen a trust lender , i am presently from India

    my name is prakash kumar , i am a Real- Management consultant , it was with the help of Mr Brown  that i was call back to my financial business stand , i am using this

    medium to say a great thanks to him , if you wish his help for a loan , do find his contact email below and let him know that i am the one that link you to him as a referral ,

    below is the email to meet with him .

    Name......... Mr Brown Fisher


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