i need an h2o just add water tail.

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me and my sister have been dreaming of an h2o tail since they came out on tv but my parents cant find them anywhere please help us!




  1. Guest229
    I love h2o just add water too, Unfortunatly the mermaid tails used in the show aren't for sale but You could try putting an enquiry into the company that made the tails but the price would range between 10,000 and 20,000 pounds. I would suggest that you make tails like many people do, they are much cheaper and they are perfect for swimming in. youtube has videos which show you how to make them but I would reccomend a finis mermaid fin and lycra/spandex material. Anyway I hope this helped.

  2. Guest2607
    get a locket from h2o just add water which costs about twenty pounds then search for a spell to become a mermaid tail then let the locket touch the water but you have to  be wearing it then after about a hour or 2 min or 10 seconds it appears it could be ornage with scales blue with scales or pink or purple with scales
  3. Guest5837
    i want a tail whn i touch h20. NOT a stupid 50 quid bought 1
  4. Guest6843
    Ive been dreaming to be a mermaid too but you cant just buy a cheap making tail
    for fifty quid or some thing,you've got to get one from a company that does
    tails that will last a long time without snapping in half.

    i would recommend websites like
  5. Guest5657
    where can i buy a h2o just add water mermaid tail
  6. Guest9601
    i luv h2o nd wish i could have one to but they are specially made for them i did find this skwl site where they make nd sell tails
  7. Guest4407
    Try i want one too but i dont know if they ship to the U.K
  8. Guest1727
    you should letter them and ask.dumgone!!!!!!
  9. Guest8072 has the best tails. you can swim in them and look amazing and real. go to youtube and look up mertailor to watch their videos.
  10. Guest8410
    so do i love them        (\_/)
                             (o o)
    and i hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeee rabits!!!
  11. Guest2837
    i cant find an exact tail of them, but i do have waterproof, swimmable tails!
    ummm i have 3 for you!!

    hope i helped!

    btw: the 1st one and the 3rd one are not the same, its just the websites are called mermagica and mermagical!! i hope i helped!
  12. Guest5580
    I love h20 someone tell me where to get one
    (o o)

    in fact rabbits arnt that bad
  13. Guest9374
    If you go to you tube and search how to make a mermaid tail you can learn how to make a swimable mermaid tail and for a very cheap price.
  14. Guest3082
    If you go to you tube and search how to make a mermaid tail you can learn how to make a swimable mermaid tail and for a very cheap price. Or you can go to
  15. Guest520
    i wish h2o mermaid tail too. where i can buy the same one?
  16. Guest2274
    The company that made the tails is called jmb fx studios. They also made the tails for the movies "Aquamarine" and "Fishtales". If you go to their website
    "" you might be able to pay them to make one.
    Here's a warning though. It doesn't say how much the h2o tails cost so they might be expensive plus their studio is in australia so if you don't live there it might be hard.
  17. Guest3095
    Just don't get if you don't have the money it's not worth wastting money.
  18. Guest5849
    Ohhhh these are so expensive I want a good one that will last a long time for my little sisters birthday for under £20! But I blumen well dont wanna make my own! lol She adores H20 shes the biggest fan!
  19. Guest5318
    Ok the tails were made in australia so send australia a message to make a h2o mermaid tail for your size and they will send a tail from australia to your country then to your house but they might be expensive!!!!!!!!
  20. Guest8322
    ok, first go to a marine diving shop, buy some liquid solution made to wash deep diving suits, buy some strass like from a craft shop, then tell a tailor exactly how you want the tail, and tell him it has to be water proof, then pay them when they're done ( but if you want something for a lot cheaper, make one yourself).
  21. Guest1397
    go to there the creators of the aquamarine movie tail,fishtales mertail, and h2o just add water tail....if u want 2 contact them, write an enquiry of the h2o tail ...anyway the creator is austrailian Jason Baird and his helpers
    i hope this helped :)
  22. Guest9922
    what do u do to get tail cleo is my best mermaild she is the best
  23. Guest4125
    why don't you dumb idoits out there ask santa i know don't blame me i'm just five years old and looking up words in te dictionarys[got that word from one too:D
    peace out yo i think
  24. Guest2880
    i really need one because me and my friend are doing an under sea adventure
    show and were actually going down to the beach to do it in the sea and i'm also doing it in 5 days time please can you help?
  25. Guest8850
    you will find one just keep trying
  26. Guest8653

    sorry people but the tails they make are not up for sale the people how work for h2o are the ones how make them and it takes a long time you have to shape the tail to your body make the scales (very hard) and they weigh a lot also the fabrice you carnt get unless your rich witch not many people were i live are so mabey ask nickilodion on there website if they could help you make one but cheaper

  27. Guest2780

    Hello, Just wanted to let all you fans of H2O know that I am both a Scuba Diver and special effects artist. I have been working on making a mermaid tail for a few months. This is an on-going project and I am guessing it will take a few months more till I get it perfected. I am trying to produce a piece that is both affordable, durable and beautiful and that can of course be used for swimming. I am writing to see if anyone has any serious interest in buying one. The cost would be about $1,250 shipped. Since I will be making the molds and everything myself, I would be able to make different styles and colors. Anyone seriously interested can email me at  Leave a message of what style and color you are looking for. These people will be the first contacted when I am finished. I am hoping to start production in spring of 2011. Thanks for your interest.

  28. Guest2032

    is  the  ils  real  or  fack?could  be  real!

  29. Guest684

    wh smiths


  30. Guest5119

    i would like to be a mermaid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol


  31. Guest8628

  32. Guest4596

    there made by jmb fx studios but he only does them for shows or movie he did h2o and aquamarine

  33. Guest3744

    try they don't look nearly as good but if someone from a little bit of a distance they would swear you were a real mermaid P.S. you can swim in them

  34. Guest7228

    have you seen h2o just add water? I LUV IT!!!!! BUT Ihate season becouse bella replaced emma :(


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