i need scary movie ideas i mean really scary we have seen chucky,paranormal activity and the ring

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it is for a sleepover and we r 11 we dont care if they r rated R

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  1. Guest8525
    i got a idea personal its scary thoguht i mihgt sound crazy and you probely think im crazy but ive seen alot of horror not reall scare me at all

    but that cause sumthing happend in my CHILDHOOD

    IF YOU WANT SUMTIHNG DIFFENT N WERID N DITRUBING N SCARY THE c**p OUT OF PEOEPLE N WILL MAKE THEM SICK TO THEIR STOMACH N WANTING THEM TO SEEE MORE Cause we all have a sick part of our mind that finds gore amusuesing this is it this  my childhood takes it to the next level

    "this is not your regular childhood"

    "they give no mecry"


    "such a emoitonal very dark disturbing film that keeps you shocked,"

    i wound love to make this real,ever since it happend i wnt people to see what i saw

    contact me if you want more info 956 551 0179
    in repect (DONT STEAL MY IDEA)

    IF U WNT TO CPNTRBUTE with me lets contact,if i tag along well make this a ground breaking,other horror movie people hold back on elements.

    me well my elements mixed with horror elements,im h**l sure i wont hold back
    just like what they did to me im givin no mecry to the aduice. (:

  2. Guest1257

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    The Hatch Act (5 U.S.C. 7321-7326) governs the political activity of most federal executive branch employees. This Act permits most employees to actively participate in partisan politica; management and partisan political campaigns. Employees, however, are prohibited from:

    using their official authority or influence for the purpose of affecting the result of an election; knowingly soliciting, accepting or receiving political contributions from any person; being candidates for public office in partisan elections; and knowingly soliciting or discouraging the political activity of any individual with business before their agency. 5 U.S.C. 7323 b(a)(1)-(4). The Hatch Act also prohibits employees from engaging in political activity while on duty, in a government building, while wearing an official uniform or insignia or in an official vehicle. 5 U.S.C. 7324

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    Erica S. Hamrick

    I wrote to President Obama ,Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Secretary and Mark Kappelhof, Dept. of Justice Civil Rights Division - nothing. That's conspiracy too - you ask the government a simple question and nobody wants to answer it.Let's investigate, let's ask Obama why he's covering anti-American activity, let's see what Constitution says about impeachment of a traitor president.

    My life is hard, but I try to do something for America. In 2007, ALGORA, a small publishing company, released my "White House Special Handbook, or How to Rule the World in the 21st Century", based on "The Professional". 300 universities and colleges including Yale, Princeton, Harvard, Georgetown and Oxford, learn top political management in a right, KGB way (see CIA wants me back no matter what and I don't live with my family because I don't know what CIA is going to do next. Still, I'm not going to be involved in other anti-American conspiracy, and I want DCI Leon Panetta . As a professional spy, I understand that sooner or later this game has to come to an end - what end ? a bullet from another sniper ? a car accident ? a staged suicide with a fake "I did it myself" note ?

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    Mikhail Kryzhanovsky

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