i want know about my future my life

by Guest8725  |  12 years, 4 month(s) ago

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what is my job$ my future events $after the life what problem is facing

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  1. Guest1715
    i want know about my love life.??

  2. Guest8201
    i need to know about my future
  3. Guest416
    the best way to know about your life is to plan it. don't be wasting your money on people who can make you think; they can tell you what the future has in store for you.  Like the wisest person said once "Show me your friends and i'll show you your future".
  4. Guest4759
    i want to know about my future
  5. Guest616
    i want to know my future life
    my name is saera rahman
    student of third year
    date of birth 2 aug 1990
  6. Guest2653
    i want to know my carrier&marriage &future
  7. Guest6906
    i have big loss in my business i am now in big dept my dob:07.02.1975 time:11.32 pm place:chennai (madras)
  8. Guest5627
  9. Guest6979
    i  want  to know about my  future  life and my marriage life
  10. Guest5579
    I born on 26/12/1962 11:30am I want to know about my future
  11. Guest5533
    will i continue my studies then what i will do in future
  12. Guest4216
    my mane is Maryam Baig and my D.O.B is 16 dec 1993.will i be a doctor in my future?
  13. Guest6460
    happy & respectly life &averybody love me
  14. Guest4118
    your future is in ur hands dear. your karma of present will makes ur future. so dont think about it.& dear future ki tension me present ko waste mat hone do. just focus on your good karma & believe in god. all the best for ur bright future.
  15. Guest6556
    will i know abaout my future life
  16. Guest3421
    Future should not be known, if you get to know the date of death can you live your interim period life happily?! Same way, never think of future as it comes soon enough.. Future should be enigmatic and one should accept it with full confidence and fight over the hassels with his intelligence!!

    So guyz n gals think of just the present second and enjoy every second of the GOD given precious LIFE!! Keep smiling :-)))))))
  17. Guest181
    my hair color
  18. Guest2306
    What color is my hair?
  19. Guest1183
    i need to know if my mother will die septmber 2,2010. please help me because i keep having dreams of her dieing that day. imma 15 year old gurl and my mother is the only thing i have.please this is not a JOKE!!!!!.
  20. Guest6524
    Imma when you see somebody dying in Dream, It does not mean that the person is going to die. Infact it means that the person will be happy and living a long live.
  21. Guest7646
    how much percent i will get in 10 standard
  22. Guest247
    i want to know that when i got goverment jobs or it is impossible
  23. Guest8894
    i want to know that when i got goverment jobs or it is impossible
  24. Guest3477
    i want to know when my marry will be
    heldin which year
  25. Guest8152
    1-I would like to know about my future prediction?i am always juggling about my decsion making..?
    2-In my dream bikash is my life partner..his dob- 5 june 1983....wheather he is my life partner or not plz suggest me...otherwise who will be my life partner?
  26. Guest9417
    1-I would like to know about my future prediction?
  27. Guest4834

    how will be my life with my upcoming husband ,how we live together how will be charater,does he has the capacity of taking responsibility of family

  28. Guest8840
    For the reasons or facts so far been discussed in here future is always future if some one tells you any thing related to your future in advance or by any other source if you come to know about the future than most likely your wish would be to make changes in it too.
    And all together things would be totally out of order. Future is that unseen true which is about to happen on daily bases you just need to work honestly and also if you want to make any sort of changes in it, you can just by hard work.
    Be more present then you wont like to think for future, chasing of dream make you fall down in bed and also in particle life but be strong, stand up, keep looking and have faith you can make future by your own.
    Its in your hands May Be Now.
  29. Guest4314

    i want to know about carrier,marriage&future


  30. Guest4912

    i want to know my life parttner name  

  31. Guest6733

    i want know about my love doing mba 4th sem my name is harpreet kaur nd dob is 28 october 1988

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