i want to know if my friend in the usa can send me invitation letter that i can take to the usa emba

by Guest8363  |  9 years, 8 month(s) ago

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please i want to know

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  1. Jesica ethan
    Hi there!
    If your friend sends you an invitation letter it could be very helpful to get a tourist visa. You can get more information through the following link
    Hope it will help
    Best of Luck

  2. Guest1567
    i am iranian i want firend
    if imposibel
  3. Guest5622
    yeah i can send you an invitation thats is if you can pay $1500
    and must be of good behavior you can reach me on
    am Isaac i live in Texas
  4. Guest1685
    Hello iranian,

    Please, i want you to be my friend,i am a girl of 20 years, i come from Ghana.
    And i want, if  you can invitation me a letter to come to USA or phone number to call. Please you are me letter i want something from USA. My is Abonga Rebecca, am student in Bawku Vocational training center from upper East Region.
    MY school post Box 27. Bawku.thank you for read my massager,may God bless you to get more what ever you want the world. My emil adress is
  5. Guest9304
    hey everyone you should text me because i really board :):):):):):) my name is Niki so ya (330-318-2714)
  6. Guest5610
    just pay me Some Cash and  you are Here already
    pay some $500 to my liberty Reserve Account U8973388
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