i want to put my baby up for adoption how can i go around doing dat?

by Guest2189  |  11 years ago

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im from trinidad and need help im a teenager and im pregant .i would like to put up my baby in a better place than i am.please help me

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  1. Jen Rhein

     I saw your forum post regarding the adoption of your child.  My husband and I are looking to adopt a daughter so please contact me if you are still looking.  Thank you!  We can provide you with help as well.

  2. lisa

    hi im lisa and I will love to adopt your baby contact me via email at.

  3. Margaret De Silva

    My name is Margaret and i would love to adopt your baby please e-mail me details about the child - on

    I am unable to give birth as i am premenapausal (no eggs) me and my husband are living in the UAE and we both can take good care of your child i can assure you i am a very true Born Again Christian

  4. Guest1767
    Well there are a few ways of doing that. There is private adoption, open/ closed adoption, and also you can pick a family and let them adopt. My husband and I have been trying to have kids for 2 years, and have just now started looking at adoption. I wish you the best of luck
  5. Guest4779
    I was told I couldn't have any children and I would love love love by the grace of God take your baby in  my home please consider me
    I dont mind paying for any medical bills you may need also
    brittany62y at
  6. Guest1236
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  7. Guest360

    Hello! Have you found the right adoptive parents for your baby yet?

    E-mail me:

  8. Guest6783

    Hello my name is Amanda my husban and I are state certified foster parents with 4 boys of our own. We would love to adopt your child.Please email me and I can contact you.

  9. Guest1807

    Hi, My Name Is Rebecca Leey And Age 23 years. i am juust wondering if you are still looking to adopt a baby. I'm a nursing mother and single parent to the baby boy . I am disabled (crippled-ca?r accident) and Due to my inability condition ,i myself incapable of holding on to the responsibilitie?s of raising up this child base on my financial stand , back-grown and my present condition . I'm here to get my baby boy a tenderly loving home and parents that will dedicate all his love , time and patience in raising this baby boy in a very loving environments? . My baby boy is in good health , have good weights, playful and all medical reports are good. I'm healthy except of my disable condition , not a smoker nor an alcoholic . I love my baby boy very much , my placing him up for adoption is just get a family and home that i know will forever love and care for him better than i can do . Please , i will be more than just being happy to bless your with my baby boy provided you are the type of family i want for him . Please contact me via . ?

    Rebecca .


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