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I have a question regarding the leadership quotes available in iPhone app. The scenario is I am looking for great quotes like leadership quotes and many others. I have iPhone 3G and I would really appreciate if someone could tell me that from where and how I can have those leadership quotes in iPhone 3G app.

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  1. Guest9130

    In order to find some good quotes like leadership quotes, famous movie quotes, celebrity quotes, quotes from famous speeches, etc, this one application from Cramzy can be very helpful.  The information about such quotes is available on The good thing about these quotes is that all these quotes are preloaded, and so there is no need for an Internet connection to access the content of this great refreshing app. Other features that are worth admiring about this application are:

    1. The option to select your favorite quotes for easy access

    2. Keyword search for quotes within the app

    3. The option to browse for more quotes from particular authors

    4. Reading and navigation friendly design

    The quotes can be read as desired. To finish reading all the quotes in a year, reader will probably have to take about 63 quotes a day. For this reason it is always better to go slow and spare some time in learning about the hidden treasures of life and words. The 23,000 Great Quotes are here to stay for long to make all of us think deeper than usual. This is certainly one of the best applications in the iPhone.

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