iam a hot 12 year old girl that wants a bf so if u would write ur name and number i will text u

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iam a hot 12 year old girl that wants a bf so if u would write ur name and number i will text u

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  1. Lidoce cardounell

     My name is Santos but I not to crazy about the the name so call me Tyrone. I am 12 years old too so I would love to have a gf like u

  2. william

     my name is william and i am 13. my number is 845-545-0046

  3. Chris Gross

     i'm 12 years old, and i want a gf, plz text me, 765-602-2515

  4. Teen

     My name is Erik I'm 13 and I would like to be your bf or more if your interested my number is 408-708-2879

  5. Jeremiah McHoes

    Hi, I would like to go out with you...

    (907) 429-3360

  6. Guest399

    321 693 9921 i want a gf so txt me 4 more info


  7. Guest6499

    sumit sharma 9810819501

  8. Guest2802

    my name is christian amon i am cute and im 14

    619 616 3717 plz text me asap

  9. Guest3965
    im a 12 year old boy text me @ 3615574041
  10. Guest6009

    how old u now?  show us a pic

  11. Guest596

    hi, im james, i like having fun, im 13 years old, im cheerful and would like to know you more :)

    email me at or text me at 06 77 95 88 23

    thx :)

  12. Guest5155

     I'm Tony a 12 year old boy my cell number is 613-618-9231

  13. Guest3812

    jaxon my number is 501 766 3691

  14. Guest5695

    im turning 13 in sep. so text me my phone number is 417 350 3574.  my name is logan i dont really want give out my last name incase your a offense if your not. im a guy.


  15. Guest1840

     xD feel like a f*g like ethe rest of u no life m**o i dont need to get girls online taht are 99 percent pedophiles but if ur a hot girl then " Love Yah Baby" im 13 send me a pic at for ik UR NOT A PEDO. alright then probly i just wasted 5 minutes of my life but LYB. :P

  16. Guest3526

    8128011316 brennen dehart


  17. Guest4190

    my name is alexander im hot and my number is 4403157542


  18. Guest7166

    im trevor and my number is 9377253199

  19. Guest749

    yo my name is joshua my cell is 757-778-2650 im 1 funny and alot of girls say it pick  me it very easy  2 make friends with me.

  20. Guest3135

    wats up my name is Nickolas Gates text me at 916-640-6145

  21. Guest7772



  22. Guest4718

    my names levi and I like lil wane and im a skater and i bmx im the perfect bf u will ever have and im a thug known as bloodsmy number is 830-367-5718


  23. Guest8605
    I'm a boy tackelfootball player basketball player baseball player live in donna texas intrested in girls that are bad or nice it really don't number9567849765
  24. Guest5378

    My name is jorge flores number 619-517-4445 if your a s*x addict

  25. Guest909
    i am 24 year old and would love to be ur bf my number is 07754926819 my name is kieran
  26. Guest5949

    MY NAME IS 0747580981                                                                                               NUMBER-ADHIL                                                                                                                  I AM A 12 YEAR OLD                                                                                                   BOY WHO USED TO                                                                                                   HAVE A GF

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