im 13 an i think im pregnant

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i am 13 an think i might be pregnant because we didnt use protection bt then he broke up with me the next day so if i am pregnant idk wt to do plz help meeh:(

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  1. something

     Well, take a pregnancy test, make sure you are or aren't, and if so tell your mom IMMEDIATELY. She needs to know, tell her it was a mistake, it was stupid of you (trust me, say it) and she hopefully will understand and not be pissed, but she will do whatever she can to either abort it or help you through the pregnancy. But, either way, you don't need to be having s*x at 13. It's wrong, you've lost your innocence already. :( Anyway, do that, hopefully it works itself out. 

  2. Guest5046
    If you have a mom talk to her she'll know what to do, or someone you're close too.

    But you get only get prgnant a certain time of month so i learned in health class.

    Buy a pregnancy test.
  3. Guest4891
    but i just was so yough and i know what i doing bceause i lrean from health clas....
  4. Guest6212
    but i just was so yough and i know what i doing bceause i lrean from health clas....
  5. Guest2941
    You should talk to your parents or at least your mom. But make sure your feeling at least some of the symptoms first, for example:
    or frequent urination,
    but remember there are more than just that so don't just look at those, say "oh, i don't have any of those so i'm not pregnant," and not pay attention to it.
    Just please, talk to your parents!!!!!!!
  6. Guest4392
    well its been three months so ur stomach should be pushing out a little? is it? talk to ur mom that is probley the best thing you can do even though its going to be rly hard shes ur mom she loves you! also remeber god does everything for a reason and you will always have people there for you :)

    keep us up dated!!
  7. Guest6086
    if your scared, just get a test and have an abortion or keep it or just give it up for adoption what ever your choice. xxxxxxxx
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