im 13 and i want a baby im from ireland

by Guest2430  |  12 years, 12 month(s) ago

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im 13 and i want to get pregnant..i never had a relationship but i wantt a babyy i want to get pregnant now.

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  1. Guest9666
    dont its not worth it trust me k

  2. Guest8216
    dont its not worth it trust me k
  3. Guest2848
    u r dumb
  4. Guest493


    I will help you!



  5. Guest1585

     If you are in that really interested in having a baby you can adopt a child instead because its not the right age to be getting pregnant, for getting pregnant you should at-least wait for another two years after wards you can think about getting pregnant rest its your own choice feel free.  

  6. Guest3449

    WTF! Ur too young and probly dont even know where babys come from yet =D

  7. Guest8973

    i am prengant an im 13 an i live with my bf an his perents an my perents dnt even knw :L :) im 6 months an having a girl xx

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