im 16 and my girlfriend is 13 and shes pregnant what do i do

by Guest5448  |  14 years, 1 month(s) ago

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im 16 and my girlfriend is 13 and shes pregnant what do i do

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  1. something

     Bro, you're fucked. 

  2. Guest3278

    OMG shes 13 thats fucked up!!!!! Y wod u even hav s*x at that age im fricken 11 and thats scary to know!!!!!!!!!

  3. Guest569

    im going thru the same thing but my mum is with a stepdad and her mum is dating my dad they dont even know yet and its not certain but she could be we love each other so much and want to get married i dont even know what to do.... i just hope everything works out

  4. Guest3286
    im qoin thru dha same thnqq.  i told mii mom nd boy was she pissd thru dha roof!!mii mom qnt have a talqq widd out an arqument. so were alone. thnqq bou admitn dhat its yhurs cuz yhu culd qo ta jail fo statutory rape bt also idt quld b qudd ta tell dhem cuz if yhu dnt dhea mite thnqq yhur not responsible nd b more mad cuz yhu didn admit 2 yhur child 4m dha start. we r qoin 2 tell hur parents soon nd hope idt qoes well. qudd luqq, nd DNTbail on hur, i qrew up wit out a father nd idt not 1 day i qo widd out wondern wat idt quld have been liqq wit a father around. idc wat happens, ima b dhea fo mii child, we made dis child nd im qoin b dhea fo mii child. bt qudd luqq nd qudd luqq tryn ta read mii lanquaqe lol
  5. Guest6375
    What ever you do, DO NOT LEAVE THIS GIRL. This has happened to several girls I go to school with, and now they're going through 7th grade, and raising a child on their own. I'd suggest having a little chat with your parents. Of course, they'll be angry, but it's just a good idea. If it was my baby, of course, I would not want an abortion, which kills the baby inside of the mother. No good parent would want that. But if you two seriously think that it would cost too much to raise a child, or that you couldn't do it and go to school, I suppose it's your kid. If you decide to have this "Talk" with your parents, and you decide to keep it, for once TAKE YOUR PARENT'S ADVICE. Remember that they went through this when they had you, even though they likely weren't still in school.
  6. Guest3763
    WTF!!! you f*****g tell your parents and tell them to get thedoctor to make the baby stop growing in her stomach which makes it die. Next time wear 2 condums.
  7. Guest562
    Your Fucked Dude
  8. Guest8359
    first of all, you need to tell your parents.  And she needs to tell hers.  You two can't go through this alone.  You, your parents, her and her parents need to sit down and talk about all of your options.  Talk it out.  Everyone will be upset but don't go off of emotions, there is an innocent baby's life here.  Just take it one day at a time.
  9. Guest26
    i dont kno but do u even no the babies urs
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