im 17 im 5 months pregnant with twins.its shocking i need help pleasE

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im 17 and my boyfriend is 18.when i found out i was pregnant i was so scared cos im scared to give birth as the pain.anyways then i found out i was having twins that even made me even more scared then ever.but then one my boyfriend headed out to a club why i was in bed in so much pain and a banging headache when i told him i wasnt well he actually didnt care he still went on out.i was in bed anyways trying to relax with the headache but then i rang my boyfriend and his phone was turned off.i was so upset but then i just got out of bed and got a bubble bathe.then the next day my boyfriend had came home.i asked him where was he and why was his phoned turned off all night.he never said nothing he just walked away.but then i got so angry and then he said he was out with a girl and he said he had slept over in her house.i just blanked out but he left me 5 months pregnant with his babies but when i was only 3 months pregnant i had broke up with him cos he had kissed over 7 girls why he was with me but this time he had slept with someone

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    it must be hard for are 5 months pregnant with twins.but to be honest your boyfriend isnt worth it.he needs to grow up and look after you why you are must be tuff for you like but yeah you need to think about your babies and not worry about your boyfriend cos he doesnt worry about you,if he did he wouldnt be going clubs or kissing girls or turning of his phone or sleeping with really need to think about the babies more than your boyfriend cos your uborn babies are more important than him.if you stay with him he wont stop doing it and the babies dont deserve that when they are i wish you all the best with your twins when there born and work things out with him:)

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