im looking to adopt a caucasian newborn in the united states we are caring and loving couple

by jamie  |  10 years, 2 month(s) ago

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im looking to adopt a caucasian newborn in the united states we are caring and loving couple

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  2. jamie

    i am a 23yearold and my husband is 28 years old, we are un able to have kids on our own, we chose to build are family threw adopting, we are looking for a newborn baby girl or boy to adopt, i like to not go through a agency for they are costly, i would be interested in paying the lawyer and paying off the hospital bill from having the baby, we have alot to offer a baby, the background on us is i use to work at a daycare for several years and my husband is self employed, he owns a bakery and he does catering, as of right now im helping him out with some of his jobs, we talked about what we would do if we had a little one, and  we agreed i would be a fulltime stay at home mom. we have a 5 bedroom house we own in a rural country town, with a fenced in backyard for the child to play in, we are near harrisburg, pa and are interested in not traveling out of the united states, we are looking for a caucasian newborn if your interested in my husband and i to possibly adopt your baby please email me at

    thanks and look forward to hear from you

    * jamie*

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