immigration bureau dept. ottawa canada

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can I have your email address?  I am applying for Marriot Hotel and they informed me to send to you my information form for your processing.  Hope you could send me necessary forms needed

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  1. Guest8876

    Is it the email address of The Immigration Bureau of Ottawa Canada?

    Please answer?

  2. Guest5739
    that is a scam, they are also post an ad about job hiring at Hilton suites Hotel...and I search the website of that Hotel...thank God they have contact number and I personnaly talked the HRD that they are not hiring people internationally and they dont have a Hotel Manager named WINNIE LEWIS...I'm here in Canada and I saw that ad so I told to my brother who is in Philippines and ask him to apply...for some reason I checked the wedsite and thats what I please dont make them fool you or other people out there...ITS A SCAM.....
  3. Guest3420
    thanks for the information i almost trust this d**n application.
  4. Guest3030
    Respectd sir.

    My name is Shah Nawaz form Pakistan, and my passport number DJ5146941 is registed for the immigration? Please sir reply me must
  5. Guest4640
    Is this a correct email address

    Got an offer from Marriot Hotels Canada and would like to find out if this is a scam before i proceed with the application

  6. Guest6261 please confirm thats its true or fake email address.

  7. Guest766

    i need the mailing adress

  8. Guest6464

    Dear sir Iam Naveed from pakistan Is it the email address of The Immigration Bureau of Ottawa Canada? Please answer?

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