imn 13 and pregnant help please i dont no what to do :(

by Guest3572  |  12 years, 9 month(s) ago

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im 13 and me and my boyfriend had s*x in my was the best feeling ever but then i ended up been pregnant i had told my sister which she is 16 and she went and got me and pregnancy test and the test came out positive my sister was so shocked but im absoutely afraid to tell my parents... im gonna have this baby im not gonna get abortion i dont wanna kill the baby i wouldnt anyways but my boyfriend dosent even know either that im me please im only like a week pregnant

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  1. Guest6341
    You said that when you had s*x it was the best feeling in the world... I think that tells you something right there. Your body made you feel good so you'd have s*x and get pregnant. You're supposed to do what feels good sweetie. You should keep having s*x and as soon as you have this baby I suggest you get pregnant again.
  2. Guest865
    First off you need prenatal care. You are 13 your body is not ready. Do not get an abortion!!! Abortion is Murder.
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