import car in pakistan from pakistan

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import car in pakistan from pakistan

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  1. Victor Strong

     I have to ask firstly whether you understand the concept of importing something. To import means to bring into a place from another place. If you are looking to import something into Pakistan, a car or a piece of would have to come from outside the country. 

    Your question is how to import into Pakistan from Pakistan, which would not make sense given what import means. Are you looking to have a car from one part of the country moved to where you are, in a different part?

    if that is the case, your best bet would be to drive with someone there and drive the vehicle back. It may be time consuming, but you are in control of the car's fate then. Other options would be a towing or vehicle moving company. Asking a local car dealership to bring the car for a fee could also be an option, but be warned that costs could rise rapidly. 

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