in pokemon ruby can you go to the moon?

by Guest155  |  12 years, 4 month(s) ago

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i know that you can in emerald but ruby?

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  1. Guest1389
    Yes you can, you have to get your character to take a MASSIVE dump and then go to the space centre and then if you speak to the old guy he should say...."that's a very nice p**p there, may i sniff it?" click yes. After that he'll say "that my friend, is the most wonderful c**p i have ever laid eyes and nose on...he'll then take it pull down his pants and shove it up his a**e. Then you get into his butt and he farts you to the moon.

    Glad to be of help XD

  2. Guest5421
    You can't go to the moon in any pokemon game period. I have no idea why people bother to make up how to's for this maybe it's a glitch but I can't say lol but anyway if your looking for deoxys/jirachi their events okay? What part of that do people not understand??
  3. Guest8628
    i pooped farts out so much my p**p got squished by a monster trucks
  4. Guest2202
  5. Guest6824
    you have to have a latios at least level 67 when you go to mossdeep walk to the white stone press a and then talk to the lady next to it. okay! now walk into the space center with latios at front of your team the guy who records the launces should say - amount of succesful launches and would you like to go to the moon on the next take off/ once every week. if that doesnt work then level him uo to 77 and redo. hope that works
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